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How to set up a Geo-Fence?


Register your Buddy Tracker to Track Map

❗❗❗Please note❗❗❗
Make sure your device has been fully charged, turned ON and SIM card is activated and in Mobile or WiFI reception prior to registering to Track Map 🤓🔋⚡

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Add SOS number, SOS triggers etc.


Personal Buddy Trackers are capable of placing a SOS phone call and send SMS/Email notifications with a touch of a button in case of an emergency. ❗❗❗

SOS feature


Adding Buddy Contacts


Personal Buddy Trackers will block all the other numbers that are not in the contacts list (E.g Telemarketers)❗❗❗

Buddy Contacts Feature


Tips and Tricks for extending your device battery 

Is your Buddy tracker battery depleting a bit too quickly.

We all have different acceptable levels of security that will offer us the required peace of mind. Buddy trackers like any other electronical devices need charging from time to time. But we can extent or reduce the “mileage” we get out of them before having to do so. There are couple of steps we can take to adjust the need to reduce the battery life.

Below you’ll find a few of the various ways to extend the battery before having to charge it👇👇👇

Buddy Tracker Battery


Set up a Geo-Fence 

All Buddy Trackers are capable of alerting when geo-fence is breached. Below you’ll find instructions about setting up a geo-fence

Geo Fence Feature


Instant Location Update (on demand)

As mentioned above, Buddy GPS trackers report their location back to the Track Map APP automatically with the set update frequency. 

But in an emergency situation you don’t have time to wait for the next update, simply force a location update and the device will keep uploading updating it’s location every 20-30 seconds for the next 3 minutes
Location feature


WiFi Disconnection Alert Feature

WiFi is present in almost all of our homes. Which is a great support for 4G LTE to make sure your Adult Buddy Watch is always connected.
But us at Buddy HQ discovered, why not use this information to send you an alert when the watch is either in range or out of range of the allocated WiFI network and send you an alert as a safety feature.

Wifi Feature


Listen-In Feature

Has your loved one raised concirns about the way they are treated when you are not around?
With the help from the listen in feature, you can force the Adult Buddy Watch to place a silent phone call to any number you need so you could listen in how they are treated.

❗❗❗Please Note❗❗❗
My Buddy Gard strongly suggests to check in with the wearer facilitator and make them aware of the potential of this feature so you wouldn’t come across any unwanted legal snags.
Listen In Feature

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